"Katherine not only is truly genuine and I trust her completely, but she enabled me to explore and open a side of myself that I didn't know existed.  I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to become something more and to experience more."

- Randy Pollock


"In less than six months time, I have experienced new freedom through personal coaching and The Hero's Journey workshop. Katherine has a fresh voice resounding with Biblical truth and love. The clarity and power of 'coming back home' to what is really true. Declaring these truths daily, versus struggling in 'the wilderness' because of false beliefs, has brought new life. Katherine is equipped to lead and quick to celebrate our victory!"

- Stacy Rogers


"I am more than a Conqueror!! Wow, that's powerful! I have been a friend of Katherine Lott's for many years. She has inspired me, grown me, battled with me, praised with me and, above all, she has believed and loved me. It has been life changing! She was able to help me transform my thinking, the way I felt about myself and the battle I was going through. I can't really explain the process in words, but it works."

- Kellie Macy