The tool that is most helpful in "Life by Design" coaching is a form of Iridology (the study of the eye's iris), called Bio-Optic holography. This cutting edge technology was founded by Mastery Systems teacher, Bob Stephens

What is Bio-Optic Holography?

Bio-Optic Holography is a modality rooted in Iridology and science of reading the iris of the eye to gain a better understanding of certain limitations within all body systems. Today, through the advances in consciousness and technology, Bio-Optics has become a powerful tool for discovering and uncovering subconscious programming that has limited belief patterns and caused a feeling of being stuck and unable to proceed in life.

As a certified practitioner through Mastery Systems, Katherine Lott is adept at using the technology to aid you in uncovering the deeply held patterns and limiting beliefs that are running, much like a program in a computer, inside of you, without your knowing it. This is identified in both right and left eyes and, once the negative program is found, you will replace it with a new "decree," using Conscious Language, thus bringing a new freedom from negative emotional patterns. In doing so, you will be able to begin to experience greater freedom and a renewed sense of enthusiasm.

All sessions are 50 minutes and cost $250.00

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